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Hey Bay Area Beauty!

It can be really confusing trying to pick out your first facial.  There are so many options and you don't know exactly which one will get you the results you're looking for.  You have some serious skin care goals you want to achieve, and you want to do it in a relaxing environment with an esthetician that makes you feel like a living being, not a medical experiment.

Am I ringing any bells here?

It should be easy to get started on your skin care journey.  It should also be comprehensive and personal to your unique needs.

When you come to visit me here at Kalos for the Enlightenment Facial, that's exactly what you're going to get.

The Enlightenment Facial is for brand new clients and clients who haven't been able to come in over the past year.  This facial builds the foundation for us to reach your skin care goals together.  

We'll start out with an in-depth examination of your skin using a computerized analyzer.  This process will tell us how your skin is functioning in the 7 main areas of skin health. 


This information plus your desired skin goals will allow me to create a personalized plan that includes:

  • The products and ingredients to use in order to reach your goals.

  • The products and ingredients to avoid that would worsen the conditions you want to change.

  • The services and techniques that will change your skin  positively.

  • The diet and lifestyle changes needed to support your skin goals.

After your analysis, we'll start working right away with a 60 minute fully customized facial plus a free upgrade of the best facial add on for you.

When we're all done, you'll go home with your skin care report that details your skin's current conditions and our plan for the future.  You'll also receive a kit of home care product samples to continue your care at home.


The Enlightenment Facial covers all the bases you need to start transforming your skin.

For new client's and client's who haven't been in for a year or more $129.

This is the best place to start your journey to skin you love!

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