Body Treatments

Cellulite  Reducing Detox Wrap

60 Minutes


This wrap is chocked full of natural detoxifying herbal ingredients to reduce fluid retention in your body.  You'll spend 45 minutes warming up in the infrared sauna blanket while you receive lymph drainage with a facial cupping treatment.  Please note, this is a very invigorating treatment that is designed to heat up the body and does raise your body's temperature and blood pressure. 

Back Facial

30 Minutes


A back treatment that focuses on dry skin to help hydrate and moisturize.  It includes an oat and sugar scrub and finishes with my skin smoothing Wakame Peptide Body Moisture.

Back Facial with Extractions

45 Minutes


A back treatment focusing on clearing breakouts and congested pores.  An herbal steam with an enzyme mask helps to make extractions easier and an Oat and Clay mask heals.

Bikini Peach Treatment

30 Minutes


A treatment for ingrown hairs in the bikini area.  Thi session includes a lactic cleanser, herbal steam, and drawing mask to lift the ingrowns, making extractions easier.

Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment

20 Minutes


This relaxing treatment soothes scalp irritations using aromatic oils specific to your dosha.  It leaves your hair oily, and while very nourishing for your hair, be warned it is not particularly a great look for events///////1

Decolletage Treatment

20 Minutes


Anti-aging treatment for the chest area. Microdermabrasion and hydrating, brightening gel mask with cold therapy and LED leaves your skin smoother & glowing!

Softening Hand Treatment

20 Minutes


A turmeric enzyme mask, microdermabrasion, and a brightening mask leaves your hands soft and hydrated.

Reiki Session

30 Minutes


Grounding and balancing, a reiki session will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.  Energy work can help balance your mind and spirit, allowing the universal energy to heal your stresses.

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