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Monthly Specials

Waxin' Wednesdays

Bikini + Brow


Brazilian + Brow $60

From 10am to 2pm, we wax!  Get a discount on brows + bikini/brazilians just in time for the beach!

Thursday Holistic Happy Hour

30 Minutes


This mini facial starts by deeply cleansing your skin with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, then exfoliates the dead skin away.  A mini Gua Sha massage will relax your spirit and lift your skin.  You'll be sent home with a treatment mask customized to your skin's needs.

Upgrade your facial with a restorative hand treatment, smoothing décolletage treatment, or Ayurvedic scalp treatment for only $10 more.

Thursdays 2pm to 7pm

Skin Care Programs

Skin Rescue Program

$89 Monthly

This program is specifically designed to heal and restore skin that has been compromised.  It functions just like a monthly membership and goes for 6 months.  It includes:

  • Monthly hour long facial session.  This session will be completely personalized to your skin's current condition.  This allows us to change what needs to be done as your skin restores itself.

  • Monthly enzyme peel upgrade.  Enzymes make a huge difference in how quickly compromised skin restores itself.  They speed up the cell turnover process, working with your own body to heal itself.

  • Home care kit with full sized cleanser, serum or mask, and moisturizer.  Home care is a non-negotiable in your skin care journey.  Not using proper home care is like going to the doctor for an infection and never taking the antibiotics she prescribed for you.  You gotta do the homework to get the grade.

This complete program will transform your skin and teach you how to best care for it.

Skin Restore Program

$119 Monthly

This program is for tired, worn skin that is hsowing signs of aging.  It's designed to correct sagging, puffiness, discoloration, mild wrinkles, and rough texture that comes from sun damage and environmental exposure.  It functions just like a monthly membership and goes for 6 months.  It includes:

  • Monthly 75 minute facial session with a mild vitamin C peel.  Included in the facial is Gua Sha facial massage, facial cupping, LED treatment, and a restoring herbal blend facial steam.

  • To complete your skin care you'll receive a full size serum to take home at your first appointment.

Skin + Spirit Detox Program

$129 Monthly

Designed to put your spirit at ease and maintain healthy skin, this program indulges you with 90 minutes of treatment every month.  It functions just like a monthly membership and goes for 6 months.  It includes:

  • A goddess card reading to focus your mind and ask for guidance

  • A 45 minute facial complete with a grounding Gua Sha facial massage and exfoliating mask to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

  • Ayurvedic scalp treatment treatment that will relax you and leave you snoozing.

  • A chakra balancing reiki session to restore your physical and mental health.

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