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Product Lines

What you put onto your skin makes a huge difference.  A significant portion of clients that enter my treatment room can have their skin transformed simply by changing their at home care products.  I take great care in choosing the right combination of products for your skin goals and conditions.


Trofi Apothecary

When I started working on creating my business plan I knew I wanted to use a product line that had plant powers for it's active ingredients.  I had studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and knew that plants can be far more powerful than synthetic ingredients and still respect the barrier of the skin. 


So I set out on a mission to find the perfect line.


I tested and tested lines and grew so frustrated.  Most organic and Earth friendly lines said they used plant based actives, but were full of synthetic smells or didn't seem to transform the skin.  So many lines disregarded the delicate balance of the skin's barrier. 


Eventually I gave up and made my own line.  I worked with manufacturers based in the United States that use environmentally friendly operating methods and sustainably sourced ingredients.  I chose the active ingredients I knew would effect real change in the skin, but also wouldn't cause harm to the skin.


Recently rebranded, my line is called Trofi, the Greek word meaning nutrition.  Trofi is literally food for your skin. 

This is a line I know will feed your skin and spirit.  I specifically designed each label with a mantra so that you can create your own beauty rituals, feeding your mind with affirmations of love and self-worth.

Skin For Life

This line gives me the ability to treat breakouts and severe redness with oxygen infusions.  Their trademark products create a soothing reaction on the skin that helps restore balance to the skin's barrier.  It deeply cleans pores and boosts cellular health.


Color Up 

This CBD based line is a powerhouse for calming skin.  CBD facials work with your body's nervous system, filling the cannabinoid receptors that you already have.  It is excellent for rosacea and hormonal breakouts, allowing the skin to heal itself.

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