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Signature Facials

Facials designed for the most common goals I see in my treatment room

The Goddess Facial

90 Minutes


February special for $99

Best for:  Women who experience a high stress life.  This facial + reiki session calms your mind, releases the stress pent up in your body, and addresses the damage stress causes in your skin.

Daily stress ages your body prematurely, causing excess inflammation and tissue damage.  This treatment helps you release emotion and past trauma, while nurturing your skin and restoring its youth.  It includes:

Marma therapy:  similar to TCM Acupressure, marma points are vital areas of the body that store energy.  This procedure releases blocked emotion and energy;

Manual Lymph Drainage:  a gentle massage that coaxes inflammation and fluid retention restoring the body's natural healing;

Crystal healing:  using gemstones to balance the vibrations in your own body;

Reiki:  using the Earth's energy to heal your spirit, open your chakras, and reduce your stress.

Holistic Healing Experience

90 Minutes


Best for:  Women that have reactive or sensitive skin and want to keep their skin functioning healthily while relaxing.


This relaxing session is designed to put your mind at ease and rejuvenate your skin.  It contains:

Ayurvedic scalp treatment:  a relaxing aromatherapy oil treatment personalized to your dosha that soothes itchy, dry scalps;

Gua Sha facial massage:  a tightening, toning, and lifting stone massage that leaves your skin renewed and glowing;

Facial Cupping:  a gentle facial technique that drains away stagnant lymph that causes puffiness, especially under your eyes and chin.

Lift & Flow Facial

90 Minutes


Best for:  Women who want to take an active roll in reversing the signs of aging in a healthy way.


This facial visibly lifts skin with a microcurrent treatment, smooths the skin's texture with either microdermabrasion or an enzyme mask (whichever is right for your skin), and gets all your blood and lymph flowing again with my signature Gua Sha massage.

Microcurrent is a painless electrical treatment that restores the biocurrent of your muscles.  The result is lifted skin that has a better foundation to rest on.  I combine this with my Gua Sha massage to continue the effects by draining excess fluid and releasing blockages.  This facial also includes a restoring facial mask with vitamin C and hibiscus to give your skin vital nutrients.

Lymphatic Detox Facial

90 Minutes


Best for:  Skin that is currently reacting with redness, breakouts, and/or sensitivity


This facial calms down irritated skin and draws toxins out using an oxygen infusion and soothing clay mask.  CBD infused oils work with your nervous system to calm down reactionary responses in the skin and lymphatic drainage will reduce the inflammation and puffiness.

We finish up with a calming LED treatment and cold therapy massage.  

This facial typically does include extractions unless it is inappropriate for your current skin condition.

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- Tyler Kent White

Beautiful Nature

Seasonal Specials

The I Love Me Month!

The Goddess Facial

Normally $145, for February only, $99

February is the month to show the people around you love, but you can't give your best when you're not feeling your best.  The Goddess Facial addresses the stress that gets stuck in your body and the damage that stress does to your skin.  It's a 90 minute session that includes my signature Gua Sha facial massage, marma point therapy, plant-based skin care products, and finishes up with a chakra balancing reiki session to leave you feeling refreshed and grounded.

I use your dosha type to help analyze your skin and decide on what treatments will be best for you.  In Ayurveda, a dosha describes a type of energy.  Each person has a unique blend of the three different types of doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  By working in harmony to keep your blend in balance, I can nurture your skin.

Take a quiz to find your dosha type

Holistic Facials 

A la carte style facials for when you know exactly what you want.
Holistic Facials

These a la carte type facials will focus on what your skin needs to be healthy and glowing. All facials use holistic, plant-based corrective skin care products and include aromatherapy and exfoliation. 


Step 1:  Choose the length

45 Minutes, 1 modality, $70

60 Minutes, 2 modalities, $85

75 Minutes, 3 modalities, $105

90 Minutes, 4 modalities, $125

Step 2:  Choose your modalities (don't worry if you don't know, we can decide in the treatment room after I've analyzed your skin).

Extractions:  Using gentle pressure, this technique releases blackheads and whiteheads.

Herbal Steam:  A relaxing steam with a blend of herbs for just your skin's needs.  Reduces inflammation, infuses antioxidants, and loosens clogged pores.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber:  This device uses ultrasonic waves to gently cleanse the pores and make extractions easier.

LED Therapy:  This cold wand stimulates cell turnover, reduces redness and irritation, and soothes inflammation.

Gua Sha massage:  This massage from Traditional Chinese Medicine lifts and tones skin, reduces puffiness, and opens the energetic meridians of the body.

Cold Therapy:  A cold ice globe massage that helps reduce inflammation, puffiness, and redness.

Facial Cupping:  This technique uses small cups to stimulate your lymphatic system which reduces fluid retention and puffiness.

Oxygen Infusion:  Using an oxygen rich mask and a liquid activator this treatment breathes life into dull, dry skin, hydrates, and calms irritations and breakouts.

Step 3:  Choose any add-ons to target specific areas or conditions not covered in the basic facial.

Computerized Skin Analysis:  Using an in-depth skin scope, this session determines the profile of your skin using the 7 health indicators.  It allows us to understand your skin's current conditions to determine what path is perfect for your goals. $30

Restorative Hand Treatment:  This treatment smooths and brightens hands with a microderm, ,turmeric mask, and a warm oil hand massage.  $25

Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment: This relaxing treatment heals scalp irritations with oils chosen for your dosha type, herbal steam towels, and a soothing scalp massage.  $35

Decolletage Treatment:  This is a repairing treatment for the upper chest area.  Using microderm, a hydrating mask, and LED therapy, it reduces sun damage and fine lines.  $25

CBD Nano Lip Treatment:  While gently exfoliating using silicon nano "needles" this treatment infuses a peptide serum and CBD oil.

Reiki Session:  Grounding and balancing, a reiki session leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.  Energy work can help lift your mind and spirit, allowing the universal energy to heal your body.  $45

Enzyme Peel:  Using natural fruits and botanicals, an enzyme peel works with your body to speed up your cell turnover. This treatment is great for clogged pores and sun damage. $35

Microdermabrasion:  This form of mechanical exfoliation uses a diamond tipped wand to remove the top layer of skin while its suction brings much needed nutrients to your skin cells to promote collagen growth.  $30

CBD Nano Infusion:  Using a silicon tipped wand, this treatment gently perforates skin, allowing serums and oils to penetrate deeply, giving extra exfoliation and leaving your skin glowing. $55

Microcurrent:  This low electrical current mimics the natural current of your own body and painlessly tones and lifts the muscles underneath resulting in tightened, firmer skin. $50

Advanced Procedures

Enzyme Fruit Peel

30 Minutes


Using fruit extracts, this light, gentle peel perfect for controlling dead skin build up and softening your skin.  It is safe for sensitive skin, even rosacea types.  You can choose to add this to any facial and receive a $25 discount on the peel.


30 Minutes


A mechanical treatment that uses a diamond tip wand to exfoliate away the top layer of your skin, increase blood circulation, and encourage collagen growth.  Your skin will feel immediately softer, and with a series, will show improvement in fine lines and firmness.  This treatment is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Mandelic Peel

30 Minutes


This peel evens the texture of skin with little to no downtime.  Mandelic acid, derived from bitter almonds, has been shown to improve the look of fine lines and sun damage, but causing very little inflammation making it suitable for some sensitive skin types. 

Add microdermabrasion or CBD nano infusion for $30 more.

Brightening Peel

30 Minutes


This peel targets darkened pigmentation from sun damage, hormonal imbalances, or acne scarring.  It works by loosening skin cells and using melanin inhibitors to stop the pigmentation process.  It is a medium level peel, and peeling of the skin is not uncommon.

Add microdermabrasion or CBD nano infusion for $30 more.

Pumpkin Detox Peel

30 Minutes


This medium level enzyme peel helps control acne inflammation, clogged pores, and rosacea flare ups, while helping repair damage from previous breakouts.  While it is a stronger peel, enzymes are safe for even sensitive skin types.

Can be added onto any facial with a $25 discount on the peel.

CBD Nano Infusion

Added onto any facial


Stand Alone Treatment


Using nano technology with a silicon tip to infuse serums into the skin, this non-invasive treatment exfoliates, plumps, and softens skin, stimulating collagen growth and elastin production.  It leaves your skin feeling smoother and tighter.

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