Signature Facials

Holistic Healing Experience

90 Minutes


Purpose:  To use holistic treatments that leave your skin looking its healthiest.


This relaxing session is designed to put your mind at ease and rejuvenate your skin.  It contains:

Ayurvedic scalp treatment:  a relaxing aromatherapy oil treatment personalized to your dosha that soothes itchy, dry scalps;

Gua Sha facial massage:  a tightening, toning, and lifting stone massage that leaves your skin renewed and glowing;

Facial Cupping:  a gentle facial technique that drains away stagnant lymph that causes puffiness, especially under your eyes and chin.

The Perfect Start Facial

90 Minutes


Purpose:  To understand your skin, it's current conditions, and leave with a plan to rejuvenate it.


The best way to start a treatment plan for your skin!  Combine a computerized skin analysis complete with a service plan and at-home recommendations, PLUS a 75 minute customized holistic facial for precisely your needs 


Your skin care session will focus on nurturing your skin to radiance.  Treatments like Gua Sha massage for lifting and toning, or oxygen infusions to hydrate and calm, are not upcharges.  You will truly receive a one of a kind facial that will get you results! 

Skin + Spirit Facial

90 Minutes


Purpose:  To bring peace to your mind and nurture your skin.

This facial starts with a 60 minute skin care session devoted to holistically healing your skin with plant based products and effective treatments designed to bring out the radiance in your skin.

Then you'll receive a calming, grounding reiki session to restore your body's energy balance.

This package reduces stress, heals your skin, and revives your energy so you can go back into the world again!

Red Carpet Ready Facial

90 Minutes


Purpose:  To give you skin that lets you walk in the door of your next event feeling like you own the place.

Perfect for preparing to look your best for an important event!  This facial includes a Gua Sha contouring massage, a smoothing enzyme peel, restoring CBD nano-infusion, hydrating oxygen treatment, and de-puffing cold LED therapy.

Your skin will be glowing, lifted, tightened, and hydrated: ready for any event!

I use your dosha type to help analyze your skin and decide on what treatments will be best for you.  In Ayurveda, a dosha describes a type of energy.  Each person has a unique blend of the three different types of doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  By working in harmony to keep your blend in balance, I can nurture your skin.

Take a quiz to find your dosha type

Skin Care Sessions

Computerized Skin Analysis

20-30 Minutes


For those who are struggling with determining what their skin needs from them, this is a great starting place.  Using state of the art technology, this analysis measures the health of your skin.  We'll go over all things related to creating radiant skin: diet, lifestyle, products, and treatments.

After taking six different readings of your skin, we'll be able to accurate pinpoint what conditions your skin is currently experience, and to what degree.

You'll leave with a personalized report that details a plan for your journey to healthy, happy, beautiful skin!

Holistic Facials

45 Minutes

1 Modality


60 Minutes

2 Modalities


75 Minutes

3 Modalities


AKA the "Just do what you think"

These a la carte type facials will focus on what your skin needs to be healthy and glowing. All facials use holistic, plant-based corrective skin care products and include aromatherapy and exfoliation.  Each facial includes 1-3 added modalities.

Choose from the following modalities: 

Herbal Steam:  A relaxing steam with a blend of herbs for just your skin's needs.  Reduces inflammation, infuses antioxidants, and loosens clogged pores.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber:  This device uses ultrasonic waves to gently cleanse the pores and make extractions easier.

Cold LED Therapy:  This cold wand stimulates cell turnover, reduces redness and irritation, and soothes inflammation.

Gua Sha massage:  This massage from Traditional Chinese Medicine lifts and tones skin, reduces puffiness, and opens the energetic meridians of the body.

Facial Cupping:  This technique uses small cups to stimulate your lymphatic system which reduces fluid retention and puffiness.

Oxygen Infusion:  Using an oxygen rich mask and a liquid activator this treatment breathes life into dull, dry skin, hydrates, and calms irritations and breakouts.

Do you struggle with fluid retention under your chin?  Sign up for my free video tutorial to reduce puffiness using Gua Sha at home!

Advanced Procedures

Enzyme Fruit Peel

30 Minutes


Using fruit extracts, this light, gentle peel perfect for controlling dead skin build up and softening your skin.  It is safe for sensitive skin, even rosacea types.  You can choose to add this to any facial and receive a $25 discount on the peel.


30 Minutes


A mechanical treatment that uses a diamond tip wand to exfoliate away the top layer of your skin, increase blood circulation, and encourage collagen growth.  Your skin will feel immediately softer, and with a series, will show improvement in fine lines and firmness.  This treatment is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Mandelic Peel

30 Minutes


This peel evens the texture of skin with little to no downtime.  Mandelic acid, derived from bitter almonds, has been shown to improve the look of fine lines and sun damage, but causing very little inflammation making it suitable for some sensitive skin types. 

Add microdermabrasion or CBD nano infusion for $30 more.

Brightening Peel

30 Minutes


This peel targets darkened pigmentation from sun damage, hormonal imbalances, or acne scarring.  It works by loosening skin cells and using melanin inhibitors to stop the pigmentation process.  It is a medium level peel, and peeling of the skin is not uncommon.

Add microdermabrasion or CBD nano infusion for $30 more.

Pumpkin Detox Peel

30 Minutes


This medium level enzyme peel helps control acne inflammation, clogged pores, and rosacea flare ups, while helping repair damage from previous breakouts.  While it is a stronger peel, enzymes are safe for even sensitive skin types.

Can be added onto any facial with a $25 discount on the peel.

CBD Nano Infusion

Added onto any facial


Stand Alone Treatment


Using nano technology with a silicon tip to infuse serums into the skin, this non-invasive treatment exfoliates, plumps, and softens skin, stimulating collagen growth and elastin production.  It leaves your skin feeling smoother and tighter.

Wondering what peel is best for you?  My peel guide will walk you through which ones will get you the best results!

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