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Virtual Appointments

Virtual Home Care Consultation

15 Minutes


This online consultation is designed to get you started on the most important part of your skin care journey, your home care.  In our online meeting we'll discuss your skin care goals, your current home care, and what products will help you achieve the skin you're looking for.

Virtual Gua Sha Lesson

30 Minutes

With stone purchase $50

Without stone purchase $30

Gua Sha is a massage technique that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is extremely effective in restoring the health of your skin, reducing excess fluid retention, and strengthening the structure of your skin.  Once you learn a routine for your needs, it is simple to do at home.  This online lesson will focus on the goals for your skin to create a unique routine for your needs.  You can purchase a stone with a lesson or if you already have your own stone, you can invest in a lesson alone.

Virtual Facial Party

60 Minutes

$65 per person

If actual human interaction is what you're craving, I have incorporated a facial and a zoom party together!  I'm calling them Virtual Facial Parties.  I can host up to 10 people per party, and you each get your own kit with everything you need for your facial mailed directly to you..  This is perfect to visit with family or friends you haven't seen in a while to enjoy some laughs and relax together.  Each party takes approximately 45 -60 minutes.  To start creating your party, fill out the introduction form located below.

Virtual Facial Party Request

Thank you for your request!  You'll receive an email within 24 business hours to get your party planned out!

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